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People from the Federal, West Texas and Midland-Odessa areas of Texas call the Law Offices of Bruce Evan Foster, a Midland-Odessa Attorney, when they need honest legal advice, counsel or representation. Our law firm has provided experienced legal counsel to clients at our Midland, TX law office since 1982.

Law Office of Attorney Bruce Evan Foster

Family, Bankruptcy and Debt, and Criminal Defense are the primary legal services provided at the Midland-Odessa Law Office of Bruce Evan Foster.  Many people who have Family Law matters to resolve also need our help with a variety of financial and other legal problems, including Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense.

  • Family Law – This area of law includes all aspects of relationships, including Marital Agreements, Separation, Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody & Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Domestic Violence, Rights, Relocation, Domestic Violence, Enforcement and Modifications of Agreements.  Our experienced Family Law Attorney works diligently for his clients at Mediation and in Litigation, to help them obtain the best possible results and protection of Minor Children.
  • Bankruptcy & Debt – Financial woes cause a multitude of problems, including disrupting families, careers and futures.  Get help with all aspects of your financial legal matters, including decisions about Bankruptcy, dealing with creditors and other issues that affect your financial well-being.
  • Criminal Defense – Criminal offenses are not something to leave to chance.  Many legal problems involve various aspects of Criminal Defense issues.  Find peace and protection through the legal channels that help you resolve potentially disastrous situations.

Midland-Odessa Attorney

People who need legal advice, counsel or representation by an experienced Litigation Attorney do well to get legal representation from the Law Office of Attorney Bruce Evan Foster.  Our compassionate attorney understands the depth of emotions that are involved with personal family matters, and how problems within the family unit can also erupt into difficulties in the areas of financial concerns and personal interactions that may also involve domestic violence.

For 39 years, our law firm has helped hundreds of clients resolve a wide variety of legal matters in these areas of law practice. We speak English and Spanish, and give each client the individual time and attention they deserve.  There is always a best solution when you have legal matters to resolve. Work with the Midland-Odessa Law Firm of Attorney Bruce Evan Foster today to resolve the issues that are disrupting your peaceful family life.

Get the experienced and honest legal advice, consul and representation you need today.  Contact the Law Office of Bruce Evan Foster, in Midland, TX.  Call now, at 432-686-2039.

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